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Quality Refinishing is a family-owned business which combines modern technology and old-world craftsmanship.  Our staff blends the best methods of stripping, repair, and refinishing of woods and metals to provide unique and affordable restoration services.
In many cases old home or office furniture is good quality, but shows the wear of many years of use. Replacing that furniture is expensive. You can save money by having your furniture refinished and restained to coordinate the new look in your home or office.
Quality Refinishing is the largest furniture and kitchen cabinet refinisher in Kern County, with a 10,000 square foot shop and showroom. We have worked with many interior designers, corporate office managers, restaurants and home remodeling contractors. We can schedule our services to meet your moving or remodeling needs.
Quality refinishing has been in business since 1981, doing furniture stripping - no dipping - and finishing. We take special care with your antique furniture.
Call or come by our shop and show room and talk to Bill, Jim, or JJ Barlow to discuss your refinishing needs.

Quality Clock Repair
Quality Clock Repair is a division of Quality Refinishing. Our Quality Refinishing location now offers a large clock repair facility. Dedicated to clock repair, case repair and refinishing.
Bill Barlow has been doing clock repair work for over 40 years. He repairs all types of clocks from small carriage clocks to large wall and grandfather clocks. Bill specializes in Antique clocks. Bring your family heirloom or your yard sale find and let him clean and oil the works, do any needed repairs, or even refinish the case so you can enjoy your clock as it should be.
We pick up and deliver Grandfather clocks or large wall clocks. If you have recently moved and need your Grandfather clock set up, let Bill set it up and adjust the timing for you.

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